This page is where I display all my clients. Currently, I am doing work for each of them.

The company logo of each client is shown, and a link to their website is given, along with a short description of the content they provide, and what I do for them.

Be sure to check them out!


Early Access Gaming

Early Access Gaming is a website that focuses on games that are in development, or “early access”. The articles usually cover PC and Xbox games, and they are often indie games (games made by an independent developer).

The writers for the site make contact with these developers, which can lead to several things; the writers may receive press copies of the game to review, exclusive interviews, or other behind the scenes information.


Kulture Shocked

Kulture Shocked is a website that covers video games, movies, and wrestling. I am only a video game journalist, so I don’t know much about the other parts of the site.

However, I do know that the Kulturecade (the video game area of the site) focuses on reviewing games. This is what I do. The site covers every major gaming system, and many different genres.



GameReviewBox is a site that provides reviews for PC games. The site is still fairly new, so be sure to visit and show your support!

As a writer and journalist, I am working to provide the site with exclusive content. My biggest role is in contacting developers of new games, much like how I do with several of my other clients. I have high hopes that my work will pay off, allowing the site to expand and thrive!